Commissions for 15mm historical miniatures are taken for any period/size of army.  If you would like a full quote then please go to the "contact us" page.

When contacting me,  please state exactly what elements you would like painted (including name of manufacturer), total number of miniatures required (or amount you will be submitting), basing requirements and colour/varnish preferences.  I have an extensive library of reference books but obviously you may wish to have a particular colour scheme. Please note: I will remove all excess flash from the miniatures but I do not remove the mould lines.  De-flashing is included in the price. 

On receipt of your enquiry, I will contact you with a full quote and a timescale.  This can range from 4 weeks to several months, dependent on the amount of miniatures involved and my current workload.   

I will keep you regularly up-dated of progress.  You can also contact me during this time with any questions relating to the commission.

If you would like a commission to be completed quickly, I may be able to offer this but it will incur an additional fee. (Please note: as at 1 October 2008 I am unable to complete urgent orders.  I will up-date this page when I am in a position to accept priority commissions once again)

If you accept my quote, payment can be made by PayPal, (UK/Europe only) Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Transfer (UK only).   If  I am to order the miniatures for you then full payment of these will be required in advance.  This will be deducted from the balance due.  Please note that payments made via PayPal will incur a charge of 3.4% (UK) or 3.9% (outside of the UK) plus 20 pence. payments will incur a charge of 3.3%. I am loathe to impose these fees on my clients.  However, by doing so, I can keep my commission prices low. 

Please note: Commissions placed outside of the EU may be subject to Customs and Excise charges. Please be aware of these costs before placing an order as it is the buyer's responsibility to pay these fees.  This also includes fees applied to miniatures despatched to Mount and Blade.


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